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Frequently asked questions

Question:How do I get to Cappadocia?

Answer: It is best to fly to Kayseri first. From there a service bus will take you to Göreme. Alternatively yu can take a regular bus at low cost. Turkey has a very good overland bus system. These can also be used to travel to Kappadokien at a fair price from cities like Istanbus, Analya, Ankara.

Question:Where can I stay?

Answer: There is a number of hotels and pensions in all price categories. I recommend Almut Wegner in Uchisar. We work very well together. A higher price category in G?reme is the Fairy Chimney Inn and the best one amongst the simple Pensions is the Tabiat Pension. It is located half left to the village center approx. 50 m behind the mosque. They speak English and offer very good breakfast.

Question:Do they offer full board?

Answer: Almut Wegner offers full board if wanted, also the Fairy Chimney inn. At the Tabiat Pension you can only have breakfast. However there are small, fair priced restaurants everywhere.

Question:How much are the guided tours?

Answer: For my guided tours and everyday help I get 80,- € per day, regardless of the number of people taking part. I will only guide small groups but will be at your disposal as long as you want me to.

Question:What should I bring?

Answer: For guided tours and hiking you should bring solid shoes and long clothing. Small things like torches or hats can be bought locally. If you are in good shape and bring an interest for the unusual, the tours will be tailor made for you.

If you have any concrete questions, just get in touch.